Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Real Love Ministry Mission Trip Report

RLM Mission Trip 2007 was a joined effort between RLM Fellowship & RLM Society. There were total of ten participants in this mission trip from all walks of life. During our mission trip, our main objectives were hands on experience for RLM members, to be a blessing to the community and also opportunity to network with the Street Ministry in Kuala Lumpur.
I had great experiences during this mission trip. There were a number of programs lined up for us, the missionaries. One of the highlight of the event was feeding the street community in Kuala Lumpur. Combined effort with Petaling Street Mission and RLM, together we served the street community. During our session there, we started with praise and worship and a short message even though many non Christians came and followed by lunch. Though it was raining heavily on that particular afternoon, there was still a huge crowd gathered from the street community. Personally it was a blessing for me as it truly taught me the gift of Love that Jesus has for His people. It showed me on how I can follow the teaching methods of Jesus to touch this people’s life. They were so grateful and happy to have us serving them. For some of them, I could see joy in their eyes to be served by us but many were ashamed of themselves. As I served them, they would just receive their food but their heads were facing downward. It was truly heart breaking to see those many people living such a life. I know it was just a glimpse of their lifestyle but it was real.
We also managed to join Church Service with the street community. Street Fellowship has a regular church service for the street community. I remember seeing the street people praising and worshiping Jesus joyfully. There were different religions gathered together in the Church Service. I was surprise to see such community worshiping Jesus in spite of their different walk of life. This truly taught me something, the Jesus we believe in is alive and in His Word, all will bow down and confess that He is God is coming to past for us here in Malaysia too.
Our biggest highlight was the Central Market Mission, where we as missionaries went out in pairs to minister and bless the street community and by the grace of God we were able to share Jesus into their lives. This took place at midnight where the street community includes of the beggars, the drug addicts, the prostitutes and the homosexuals. At first this wasn’t an easy assignment for me personally because I was afraid to be rejected or to be told off. We brought along some food with us as we move out in pairs. It was easier to approach them as we had something to offer them. My partner Sai Ho and myself, we were truly blessed. We managed to talk to a number of people and we managed to even share about Jesus to them. We also managed to pray with them, glory to Jesus, I saw tears flowing from some of their eyes. Some of them regretted to have chosen this walk of life and I personally know that we brought hope to them. It was truly a joy to bless this community.
Overall, after the mission trip, during our sharing of testimony, I could see the joy and the blessings that all of us received even though our main focus was to bless this community indeed we personally were double bless. Jesus is good and truly His love endures forever.

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