Wednesday, April 2, 2008

My Gay Brother & Me

Well, this is how the story goes…

I was very young when I found out that my brother, Edmund Smith was gay. He was honest to me to let me know early because we were very close and we are still. I was about 7 years old when I knew that Edmund was gay. At that time Edmund was already a teenage boy. I could not really understand because I was still young and naïve.

Edmund and me we did loads of things together. I can still picture those days with my brother and it seems still so fresh in my mind. Our life was really fun; always having plans and activities everyday. We acted together, we open a mini library in our home together for the public in our settlement, we did doll parties and invited our friends and cousins with their dolls over together, we played tea sets together, we truly love and we have always been there for each other. From the early age, Edmund already had great talents. He could sing, dance and act and thank God for him that those gifts were also passed down to me.

Currently, Edmund is a professional artiste in Malaysia. His album is sold all over Malaysia and I pray that someone, even as you read this blog, if you do have contacts on how to help my brother Edmund to be an artiste professionally all over the world, do let me know. You can check out his website @ for further information on what he does.

Let me talk a little bit about Real Love Ministry in short RLM as you can get further information from our website given above. Well, this is an organization where we help the marginalize community including the homosexuals. Ps. Edmund Smith and his wife, Ps. Amanda Smith, is the founder of Real Love Ministry. I thank God that today he is not only an Ex-homosexual but he is helping those homosexuals who want to come out. I am also actively involved in this organization because I personally can testify that my brother has changed and that we have helped many homosexuals and today they are ex-homosexuals. Change is available if we choose to take the step.

To be continued………on my next article do come back to read about it.

Real Love.... Helga Veronica Smith


Ps Edmund Smith said...

Blessed Helga, in so many ways you have contributed into my life – in me becoming the man I am today. You have supported me in beautiful ways – which you may not even be aware of.

Today I am still judged and accused negatively (as how I was all my life “kind of immune to it” – be it being a progay and today just the same … as an exgay) – YET I am so blessed to have people like you who knows me for who I really am. I love you - and forever I will.

At the end of day – to me as long as my Jesus and my REAL loved-ones (like you Helga) know me – who cares what others think.

For those who are reading – if you are wondering … what does being an exgay means? It simply means this…

“An exgay is a gay who had decided – on his/her own freewill… to do whatever it takes to reject the homosexual lifestyle. An exgay could still be having a homosexual orientation (inclination). Just like anyone else – an exgay is not a perfect human being. A genuine exgay will learn, unlearn and open to receiving support from those who believe in him/her.”

Ps Edmund Smith

The Hedonese said...

May the Lord continue to guide and expand this compassionate ministry!