Thursday, May 8, 2008

My Gay Brother & Me - Life as a Lady

Being the youngest and the only girl in the family, I had a good life. Everyone loves me. Everyone took care of me. Edmund was one of them who were always taking care of me especially training me to be a better lady or what I should say, ‘Ladylike’. I was being surrounded by all my ‘macho’ brothers except for Edmund who was more on the feminine side; I began to behave like one of them. Edmund was the one who taught me that it was beautiful to be a lady and that as a lady I need to behave like one. I didn’t care much the importance of being a lady. To me it was all a waste of time but when Edmund made me understand, I began to enjoy being a lady as it feels good to be one. In another words, I thank the good Lord for Edmund, I might not be the woman I am today if it wasn’t because of him. I enjoyed being a ‘tomboy’. As for me dressing up with pants, jeans and t-shirt made me feel cool but today, I thank God that He gave Edmund to be my brother as he has helped me so much and made me appreciate life as a lady. Today, I am happily married to a wonderful man, Paulus and resides in Sabah.
I remember Edmund was the one who chooses what I was going to wear when we were going for any functions; like wedding dinner or any celebrations and festivals; he was the one who put make up on my face, comb my hair. Wow, he totally knew what it takes to be a lady. Well, sometimes he knows more things than the women in my life.
Edmund truly has that gift; today he uses his gift to dress his daughter, Angel and his son, Ethan. As I go back home to Melaka once in a while, Angel surely knows the beauty of being a girl at a very young age. She loves being a girl. She enjoys looking beautiful and yes she is beautiful. Even for Ethan, he sure knows that it is good and ‘macho’ to be a boy. Angel and Ethan surely know their identity individually as how they should. Jesus is so good; he really does have plans for each one of us. Like Edmund, he has really blessed him with a wonderful wife and two beautiful children. Shalom.

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