Saturday, March 29, 2008

Pastoral Care On Homosexuality - Part 6


As I conclude, in order for us pastors, to truly give pastoral care to a homosexual. We ourselves need to be educated in this area. We also need to be like Jesus to love all people. We need to be models to our congregation to accept the homosexuals and love them but not love their lifestyles. Homosexuals are a group of people that desires love, the same as all human being but with an issue. It is very important for pastors to provide pastoral counseling to this group of people. As a pastor, it is ones desire to see life change, to see our sheep’s grow. In order to do that we need to see all believers as saints and sinners and that they need help to overcome their weaknesses. It is important for pastors to visit the homes of they homosexual member. This will make them know and believe that their pastor truly loves and care for them. Pastors need to put effort to give this group of people attention and to notice them and not hide their weakness under the carpet. Pastors need to give pastoral care to the homosexuals with a compassionate heart; prayerful approach and we need to be careful with our words and attitudes.
The fact is many homosexuals in church find it difficult to share with their pastors their struggles and if one does so, the pastor must make sure that he is able to keep their secrets if need to and to always encourage them. Many times, it is important for pastors to share those problems with the parents of the homosexual but as a pastor, one must be wise enough to say the right words so that one does not lose the trust of the member they are helping.
Sharing the love of Jesus alone is not enough but as Pastor we must live like Jesus. In order for us to understand and give pastoral care to the homosexual, we must make them feel that we truly love them, we must assure them that we love them no matter what lifestyle they choose but our hearts desire is to see them change. To gain the trust from a homosexual takes a lot of pastoral care. We must be ready to sacrifice our time, we must be patient to hear, we must be ready to sacrifice, we must be humble and at the same time cautious and we must be sincere to them.
The direct definition of ‘pastoral care’ is counseling or comfort given by ministers, priests, rabbis, etc., to those in need of help with emotional problems or stressful situations. This is not an easy task. Unless and until, one walks closely with Jesus, pray and read His Word regularly, always relying on the inner man rather then the flesh, one cannot have the joy of the Lord while giving pastoral care to their sheep’s. At the end of the day being a pastor will turn out to be a job rather then being the salt and the light in this world.
In my opinion, one is called to be a pastor is a wonderful journey as we walk with Jesus. I personally believe, as Christians, our main purpose in life is to tell the world about Jesus, to touch lives, to give pastoral care to everyone. Having a pastoral heart, we are actually fulfilling the plan of Jesus for our lives.

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